Mr. Derek Roura  - A seasoned pianist and vocalist, Mr. Derek Roura is a USF Sophomore pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Music Studies, with a concentration in Vocal Performance. He has been performing all throughout his high school and college careers, and has starred as a lead performer in various musical theater and theme park venues. His ultimate goal as a singer/songwriter is to communicate different parts of the human experience through his raw and real music production. With that being said, his biggest wish as an artist are to bring people together using his relatable subject matter and catchy writing style. As an instructor, Mr.Derek hopes to provide young musicians with inspiration, not only via his assiduous instruction, but also via the assertion that anything is possible. His energy and enthusiasm is undeniable asset that brings joy of learning to the classroom.

Mr. Pedro Ariza  - Guitar teacher , bio coming up soon  

Bass Guitar



Ms.Jessyca Rose  - Piano and Drum teacher - bio  - see above

Mrs. Patricia Wrobel - Henderson grew up in Cracow, Poland, where she started her music education at the age of 6.  Since that age she studied music with concentration on piano performance.  With highly respected leading  piano teachers, prof. Dutkiewicz and prof. Pikul.  Mrs. Particia graduated her music education at the Music Conservatory in Cracow.  During the time of her education she completed many international piano courses. In 2003 she won a 1st prize at Concourse Musical de France in Paris. Besides music degree  Mrs. Patricia obtained a Master Degree in International Business at the Cracow’s University of Economics.  She decided to develop her career in music filed and commit to teaching. She's been teaching over 8 years. Her European background and extensive training allows her to coach students of different levels of advancement and see them progressing and developing love and passion to music.  She is passionate about music education and she loves sharing her knowledge with her students. She specialize in preparing her students for talent shows and competitions.


drum teacherS

Violin Teachers

Mr. Roger Casey graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy in 1977, with a major in guitar. Mr. Roger completed his internship in Music Therapy in Miami Florida in 1979, through a cooperative agreement with University of Miami and Highland Park General. Upon completion of the internship, Mr. Roger performed with various groups in the South Florida area, including recording artist Robert Wuagneux.  Mr. Roger joined Paragon Studios,  Colorado in 1982, and worked as session guitarist, audio engineer, and producer, recording both local and national acts and creating radio and television product advertising.  In 1984,Mr. Roger joined the Pearl Band in Boulder Colorado, and performed in popular venues throughout the Midwest.  In 1987, Mr. Roger moved to Tampa and established the Dukes of Juke rhythm and blues band.  The band achieved regional success, touring and recording and has been featured at prominent jazz and blues festivals in Florida. Mr. Roger continues to perform with the “Dukes” to maintain a music balance. Mr. Roger has experience playing most styles of music including country, bluegrass, big band, standards, top 40,blues, and rock.  He has developed a teaching curriculum for beginning and intermediate guitarists based on an assessment of the student’s skills and abilities within the primary areas of guitar playing fundamentals. He is passionate and exited to share his skills and knowledge with guitar students at Claudia’s School of Music.

Guitar Teachers

Piano Teachers

Ms.Sherry Donataccio began playing percussion at the age of 11 when she entered Hudson Middle School's band program under the direction of John Keon. She continued to study privately under John Keon from 2007 until 2012. Ms. Sherry was a member of the Pasco All County band from 2007-2012 as a percussionist and played drum set in the 2010 Pasco All County Jazz Band. She graduated from Hudson High School in 2012.  Ms. Donataccio was a member of the USF percussion studio under the instruction of Robert McCormick and is a part of several recordings with the McCormick Percussion Group. With the USF Wind Ensemble, she has performed at the 2013 American Bandmasters Association Convention as well as the 2014 New York Wind Band Festival in Carnegie Hall.  In 2016 she graduated USF with double Bachelor Degree in Music Education and Performance.  During the studies she expand her knowledge to piano and currently Ms. Sherry enjoys teaching percussion, piano and music theory to students of all ages. She loves to see her students develop as musicians as well as individuals.  Her extreme patience and innovative approach makes her an expert in teaching very young students.

Ms. Jessyca Rose is a percussionist and music educator based out of Tampa, Florida. She performs professionally throughout the state and has appeared with popular artists including the Electric Light Orchestra, the Indigo Girls, and the Irish Tenors. Ms. Rose is currently pursuing a MM in performance with an emphasis in instrumental conducting from the University of South Florida, where she works as the percussion teaching assistant under Robert McCormick. She also graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Music from USF, where she was the recipient of the Virginia A. Bridges Music Education Award and the USF Merit Awards in music theory and music history. In addition to performing, Ms.Rose teaches drum lines, percussion ensembles and piano at local public schools and private lessons in percussion, piano, and theory at Claudia's School of Music.

Mrs. Kseniia Krivskaya grew up in Karelia, Russia.  She came from a family of musicians. Her mother, and two sisters played the violin professionally. She started my music education at the age of six, concentrating on violin performance, as well as studying the piano.
At the age of sixteen, she moved to Moscow to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Violin at Moscow State Art College. She studied for four years and graduated with honors.  She continued my education at Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities and received Master’s degree in Music Education. During this time,she competed in many International violin competitions and also worked at the music school as a violin and piano instructor.  
Mrs. Kseniia moved to United States in 2014. She has 8 years of experience working with students of all ages and levels. She enjoy utilizing comprehensive teaching experience and knowledge, guiding students to love and become proficient in the art of music.

Rafael Ramirez Orozco a Violist and Mandolinist is an outstanding player and educator. Born in Venezuela, Mr. Ramirez specializes in teaching violin, viola and mandolin. In 2013  he graduated University Of Miami, Frost School of Music, Coral Gables, Florida  with DMA Doctoral in Musical Arts   Instrumental Performance. In 2014 he published his first book "Today was my first Viola Lesson"  and in 2015 " Music History books for kids". For past 15 years he performed at multiple venues all over the south America and united States.  He worked with Palm Beach Pops Orchestra, Opera Naples, Southwest Florida Symphony, Andrea Bocelli 2014 Orchestra, Miami Symphony Orchestra  and many more. He has been teaching viola at Greater Miami Youth Symphony, Doral Conservatory, and at at the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra.  He is original and effective in his ways of teaching making music lessons an unforgettable experience .

Mr. Matthew Votino - Matthew Votino is a graduate from the Seminole State College of Florida with an Associate of Arts degree in Music performance - his primary instrument being Jazz Guitar. He is now a current student at the University of South Florida when he is continuing his education as a Jazz Studies Major. Mr. Matthew has spent a large amount of time in developing his craft by performing in a multitude of groups ranging from Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, and Country through out the Central Florida area. Once he graduates from USF he wants to continue his education at The University of North Florida’s Jazz performance masters program. He is passionate about teaching young students  and teenagers and share his knowledge with his pupils.

Mr.Norman Taccati - besides teaching piano Mr. Norman is also our banjo and guitar teacher.

woodwinds teachers

Ms. Sarah DelMonte grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where she started her music studies at the age of 5 in Escuela Elemental de Musica Elila Mena. After graduation, she continued her education in different music schools in the DR. Among them Soli Deo Gloria, where she did her first debut with a concerto for piano and orchestra under the direction of Alberto Rincon. She is a graduate from Pasco Hernando State College with an Associate in Arts degree, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Music Education at USF. Her concentrations are piano pedagogy and choral studies. Ms. Sarah has studied with experienced and successful musicians such as pianist Dr. Eunmi Ko and choral conductor Dr. Jason Dungee. She has been a passionate teacher for over 5 years for students of all ages. It is her joy to see her students succeed and express themselves in their music.

Mr. Norman Taccati has enjoyed teaching and helping students of all ages for 25 years in achieving their goals in learning to play their instruments. He received his Bachelor of Music degree with a major in Music Education from Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia.  He has performed professionally with big bands including the Cavaliers in Columbus, Georgia and The Notables in Atlanta, Georgia.  He has also founded and directed bands in both the business sector and in churches.  A former band director in the public schools, he teaches many instruments including piano, guitar, including Classical style, flute, saxophone, clarinet and even banjo.  For the past 20 years, Norman has enjoyed working one-on-one with the novice musician, giving them a solid foundation in instrumental technique and musical knowledge, as well as those who have some experience on their instruments and who are looking to advance.  His goal for every student is to experience learning their instrument in an environment that is encouraging and rewarding.  He uses various published methods depending upon the individual student’s needs and desires in playing their music.  Mr. Norman stresses learning to read music notation so that every student can approach with confidence any piece of music that he or she would like to play.  He enjoys helping students prepare for auditions such as All-State band, and to help students who are preparing for evaluations.  With the proper dedication, Norman believes every student can enjoy making music in a short period of time, always improving along their musical journey.

Ms.Sherry Donataccio  - piano and drum teacher  - see bio below

Mr. David Ruth-Drums, Guitar and Piano teacher 

Mr. David is a musician and educator currently living in Tampa, FL. He has been teaching aspiring musicians of all age groups for more than 4 years. He is becoming knowledgeable in both classical and modern music techniques through scholastic and self-taught methods in percussion, keyboards, guitar, steel pan, and more. 
Mr.David has studied with many accomplished and wonderful musicians such as Bob McCormick and Grammy nominated artist Brian Slawson. He is currently studying Percussion under the direction of Bob McCormick and pursuing a bachelor's degree in Music Education at the University of South Florida.