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Claudia’s online contest
E- Spring Competition 2020

            I am very excited and happy to announce the winners of Claudia’s School of Music E contest. Thirteen  contestants will be receiving Certificates of Achievement and Amazon Gift Cards.  We received over 70 submissions from students aged 4 to 16.  Winners were selected based on evaluations from three independent judges in the areas of tone quality, rhythm, technique and interpretation. The contestants were categorized by age and type of performance (solo /duet/ ensembles).
             The goal of our E contest was to encourage young musicians to grow and develop confidence in a competitive setting. We hope that this contest has helped our students to more fully realize their potential as they strived for their best.  

Category A:

1st Place : Jacob Manes ( Mr. Emory)

2nd Place: Anitra Navaneethan ( Ms. Jessyca)

3rd Place: Shalini Joshi ( Ms. Sherry)

Category B

1st Place: Veda Sheth (Mr. Pedro)

2nd Place: Jazzon Kho (Mr. Emory)

3rd Place: Joseph Diamantopoulos  (Ms. Jessyca) 

Category C:

1st Place: Claire McKenzie ( Ms. Jessyca)

2rd Place: Gabrielle Smedley ( Mr. Hofi)
3nd Place: Sophia Chunn ( Ms. Jessyca)


Category D:

1st Place : Emma and McKenzie Christiansen  ( Mr. Emory)
2nd Place: Ester and Emily Pyshnyuk (Mr. Emory)

Special note to all students from Ms. Claudia:  As owner of Claudia’s School of Music, I want to congratulate all the students for their hard work. Please remember your work is appreciated and we are glad we had a chance to experience all these wonderful performances.  There is always a space for growth so keep up the good work!

            Considering current situation, we will not be able to have an official ceremony, but winners are welcome to pick up their rewards on:
Monday, June 1st  5pm – 7pm or
Thursday, June 4th 5pm – 7pm.

We have a new, exciting opportunity for our students –

Claudia’s E - Spring Competition 2020
The competition takes place in form of video submission.

Students can submit up to 3 min video by May 16th, 2020 to Claudia’s School of Music SKYPE account after their teacher’s approval.
The event is open for keyboard instruments, percussion, strings, guitar, wind instruments and vocal. Background music is optional.

Only one piece of work shall be performed in the submitted video. Any editing made after the start of performance will not be accepted. Participants need to state their full name, age, name of the piece and name of the teacher.

Participants are categorized by ages.
Category A - Age 4 -7
Category B – Age 8-11
Category C - Age 12-16
Category D – Students ensembles (duets and groups)

The performance will be judged by independent professional judges that are not part of Claudia’s School of Music according to the participant’s performance skills, musical sense and the overall performance.
Outstanding performers will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with Amazon gift card value $40, $30, $20 respectively in each category and certificate.
Awarded videos will be showcase on school’s website and Facebook.

No registration fee needed.
The copyright of the videos belongs to the competition organizer once they are submitted and may upload the videos to the website, other online platforms for the competition, promotion or other uses without notifying participants.
No videos will be accepted after May 16th, 2020
Winners will be announced on May 29th, 2020 on Claudia’s School of Music website.